By The Numbers

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Avera eCARE is a visionary, continuous-monitoring telehealth model that provides health care professionals in rural and underserved locations around-the-clock access to specialty care physicians, pharmacists and nurses.

The impact of Avera eCARE services reaches patients served by more than 200 facilities across several states in the Upper Midwest, including South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Montana and Wyoming.

As word about our services spreads, many organizations—including international groups such as NATO—call on us and visit our centralized virtual hospital hub to see Avera eCARE telemedicine in action and explore the partnership potential. Review these snapshots to see our impact on patients and partners receiving key telehealth services.


For the 28 facilities currently in our network, we provide coverage for 91 ICU beds. The average daily census is 38 patients, and daily admissions average 16 patients. Since we established the service in 2004, we’ve covered 61,000 patients and saved:

  • 1,400 lives
  • 49,000 ICU days
  • $78 million in health care costs

Avera eCARE Emergency

Since 2009, eCARE Emergency professionals have delivered supportive care to emergency departments (EDs) at more than 100 hospitals across the country. In just the last 12 months, we helped our partners avoid 1,000 potential transfers (comprising 20 percent of video calls), which saved 180,000 travel miles and an estimated $7.3 million. From our inception, we’ve:

  • Completed 15,000 video encounters
  • Avoided potential transfers for 3,000 patients
  • Helped hospitals save an estimated $24 million

Avera eCARE Pharmacy

Since eCARE Pharmacy services began in 2008, we’ve provided remote pharmacy coverage for just over 700,000 patients, including 170,000 in the last 12 months. For the 60+ facilities currently in our network across seven states, we reviewed 630,000 medication orders in the last year. Our average turnaround time was just 16 minutes. During that same yearlong period, eCARE Pharmacy services tracked 11,000 interventions and helped avoid:

  • 5,000 adverse drug events
  • $13 million potential costs from adverse events

Avera eCARE Senior Care

Avera eCARE Senior Care currently serves approximately 2,200 residents in more than 30 long-term care facilities. In just the last 12 months of eCARE Senior Care service, we:

  • Completed 600 video encounters
  • Completed 900 total encounters
  • Helped avoid as many as 300 potential transfers

Avera eCARE Specialty Clinic

eCARE Specialty Clinic completes more than 900 virtual visits each month with patients in 100+ clinics and hospitals. Since eCARE Specialty Clinic launched in 1993, we’ve grown to offer approximately 35 medical specialties—including pulmonology, cardiology, nephrology and others—and we work with more than 100 participating providers.

During just the last 12 months, our partner organizations experienced these results:

  • 10,300 total visits
  • 39,000 patient hours saved
  • 2.5 million miles saved
  • $1 million in total estimated cost savings

Avera eCARE Correctional Health

Currently in use at four South Dakota prisons, eCARE Correctional Health completed 500 video encounters and 150 service-related calls in just the last 12 months. That activity:

  • Avoided 260 potential transfers
  • Resulted in an estimated $110,000 in cost savings