Who We Are

We know you do great things every day with limited resources. Avera eCARE was founded on that premise.

We heard a bold call for equal access to health care no matter the location. We listened to your needs, thought outside the box, and built on the already strong foundations of community health care facilities.

How could care teams get critical resources without massive on-site investment?

Virtual medical care, on demand.

Our telemedicine experts cover the needs of many, providing education, specialized expertise, and gap coverage when you need it with the click of a button.

Working together, we can save lives, reduce burnout and increase provider confidence. We believe health care should be provided locally by people who know their patients best. We’re here to support the caregivers.

Empower Your Care Team

Avera eCARE leads the nation in delivering the broadest range of telemedicine services available from a single source. We’re part of Avera Health, an integrated health system and network of medical professionals who provide top-quality care at more than 300 locations across South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska. Our Avera eCARE telehealth services also reach nationwide.

Our partner providers are excited to come to work. They have more time with patients and fewer worries about weekend coverage.

These are all reasons we’re dedicated to providing virtual care delivery. When your care team has access to critical resources, on-demand, they can focus on the reason they went into health care in the first place – caring for patients, face-to-face.

Empowering your local care teams is not just important for you but the communities you’re serving.

How we empower providers:

  • Fill coverage gaps so your on-site team can regenerate
  • Empower your providers to make more confident decisions about patient care
  • Allow your team to collaborate with specialists on-demand
  • Solve local concerns with education modules

Avera eCARE History

Beginning in 1993, Avera eCARE Specialty Clinic offered services to rural, frontier and critical access hospitals that were part of the Avera Health system. Ten years later, Avera eCARE expanded to provide Avera eCARE ICU, the first 24-hour, on-demand service that allows staff at partner facilities to connect virtually via a video and audio call for immediate assistance from board-certified providers. In addition, Avera eCARE delivered access to a wide range of medical specialists and referrals to specialty care for a growing number of underserved populations and communities.

Then, in 2009, through a grant from The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust, Avera eCARE launched Avera eCARE Emergency and Avera eCARE Pharmacy for all of Avera’s rural hospitals. Additional funding from the Helmsley Charitable Trust and other state and federal sources allowed expansion to over 200 facilities across eight states and the ability to serve partners outside Avera Health. By 2012, Avera eCARE services were available for long-term care and correctional facilities.

At Avera eCARE, our telemedicine professionals work together 24/7 in the eHelm, our virtual hospital hub, also created in 2012 with the assistance of the Helmsley Charitable Trust. By staffing our central facility around the clock, our partners and patients benefit from the multidisciplinary collaboration of medical specialists within our telemedicine teams 24/7/365.

Today, we continue to work with our partners to understand their needs and innovate new virtual services to empower their providers and care for their patients. Our network has grown to serve communities nationally, and not only provide services, but teach others to provide telemedicine as well. Together, we are reimagining health care.

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