Visionaries in Virtual Health

When you partner with Avera eCARE® you’re connected to a leader in virtual care with a proven 25-year record in visionary thinking. We’re using innovation to find new ways of connecting patients to 24-hour specialty care.

In an industry challenged with shrinking margins and workforce shortages, our programs improve efficiencies while decreasing provider burnout and turnover — all without sacrificing quality of care.

In fact, Avera eCARE has impacted more than 1 million patients and saved close to $200 million in health care costs, while also creating local jobs and improving physician retention.


Thank you for joining us at the American Telemedicine Association 2018 International Conference & Tradeshow, as we celebrate 25 years of growth and innovation. To learn more about Avera eCARE, view our presenter slide deck.

Good-Bye, Boundaries – Hello, Future

As the largest telehealth platform in the United States, we offer programs such as: Emergency, Specialty Clinic, ICU, Behavioral Health, Pharmacy, Senior Care, Correctional Health, School Health, Hospitalist and AveraNow.

Benefit from 24/7 access to our comprehensive team of clinic experts including emergency medicine physicians, intensivists, pharmacists, advanced-practice providers, geriatricians, specialized nurses and more.

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