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Meet the Challenges of Today’s Hospital Systems With Virtual Pharmacy Services

Your hospital pharmacists play a vital role in medication safety and the prevention of adverse drug events. That’s why regulatory agencies recognize the need for 24-hour pharmacist medication review. However, it’s a challenge —especially in rural communities — to provide on-site, real-time review 24/7.

Avera eCARE® Pharmacy is here to meet all of your pharmaceutical needs with a full suite of remote pharmacy services for hospitals and health facilities of any size. As a partner with your pharmacy and staff, we collaborate with you to ensure your patients receive the safest, most effective medications.

Imagine a hospital where your pharmacy care services work seamlessly day and night for on-the-spot collaboration.

How We Reimagine Pharmacy Services

  • Overnight, 24/7 or concurrent order entry, review and clinical pharmacy services following your policies and procedures
  • Reduced risk of medication errors and adverse events
  • Compliance with regulations and medication practices
  • Pharmacy consultations available on demand

What Our Clients Say

  • "As the only pharmacist on staff, the pharmacy is under my watch 24/7, which added a lot of stress to my life when I wasn’t at the hospital. eCARE Pharmacy services took that heavy weight off my shoulders. I feel more at ease knowing that when I’m gone or on vacation, another pharmacist is verifying orders in a timely manner. They’re also a great resource. Calling them is an easy way to talk to another pharmacist about a particular situation."

    Diane Dady, Pharmacist at Mobridge Regional Hospital, Mobridge, S.D.,
    S.D. Board of Pharmacy Member

  • "With the assistance of eCARE Pharmacy, our critical access hospitals now have a pharmacist that will help them 24/7. Renal dosing, drug interaction checking, allergy checking, therapies, drug compatibility checking and verification of medication profiles are all done in real time with no waiting. This has vastly improved care across our entire region. If a patient is transferred to a different site or region there’s also a continuity of care that is not provided anywhere else."

    Steve Weinandt, RPh, Avera Sacred Heart Hospital, Yankton, S.D.

  • "I cannot think of a higher quality professional group that provides the vast services that they do. Their accurate, fast, professional, high-quality services are not matched by any other group of professionals."

    Steve Weinandt, RPh, Avera Sacred Heart Hospital, Yankton, S.D.