Outpatient Clinics

No matter the size of your medical clinic or practice, you and your patients can benefit from access to specialty visits through Avera eConsult telemedicine services. We supplement the care you provide by connecting medical specialists and rural clinics. In addition, we can assist your staff with medical records, coordinating schedules and more.

What Our Outpatient Clinic Clients Say

  • "With eConsult, rural patients can more easily obtain specialty services without traveling long distances. Patients have been very pleased with convenience and time-saving aspects of the program. Thanks to the reach of eConsult, patients can be seen sooner and therefore receive treatment sooner, which leads to better patient outcomes.

    Our specialists also really appreciate eConsult for several reasons. First of all, they’re all about seeing and treating patients in as timely a fashion as possible. Plus, since Avera Medical Group Liver Disease utilizes eConsult with several locations throughout a four-state region, the specialists can reach a much larger number of patients and providers. They appreciate this convenient service and the opportunity it gives them to educate other providers and nursing staff."

    Jerry Bunkers, Clinic Manager
    Avera Medical Group Liver Disease, Avera Medical Group Transplant and Liver Surgery and Avera Veradia Vein Center Sioux Falls

  • "In a rural setting, telehealth isn’t just helpful – it’s a necessity. Our patients typically require multiple visits over multiple months, so eConsult saves them a lot of time, miles and money. With eCARE, we get to follow patients more closely and can see them quicker too. I only travel to outreach clinics a few times each month, but if there’s an urgent need I can see patients almost immediately via eConsult."

    Arvin L. Santos, MD, FACP, FASN
    Avera Medical Group Nephrology Sioux Falls

Become an eCARE Partner

Avera eCARE selects partner organizations based on the interest and willingness of administrators and clinical professionals to expand their health care mission and support for patients through telehealth services.

Explore an eCARE telemedicine partnership that can help you enhance quality health care for people in your region. Contact us online.