Long Term Care

Designed to meet the growing needs of the long term care population and ease the demands on those that serve them, Avera Senior Care empowers and supports long term care staff with a proactive approach to residents care. Our eLTC team assists facility staff in recognizing change of condition earlier and provides around-the-clock, immediate access to a geriatric team.

Improving health care for residents as they remain in their home setting also aids healing, supports patient comfort, helps avoid unnecessary transfers and contributes to reductions in hospital emergency department visits and readmissions.

What Our Long Term Residents and Clients Say

  • "We love the ease of access to providers that we have thanks to eLTC. Even though the hospital is connected to our long-term care center, it’s still disruptive and sometimes taxing for residents to be transported. Plus, using eLTC helps avoid exposing an already at-risk resident to possibly more infections."

    Brenda Engbrecht, MDS Nurse Coordinator
    Avera Maryhouse, Pierre, S.D.

  • "When I had pneumonia, the staff was able to wheel the equipment right into my room so I could see the provider. I can see how eLTC impacts our quality of care because of how quickly we can see a specialist and get the medications we need."

    Allen Herrick, Resident
    United Living Community, Brookings, S.D.

  • "I am excited to be a part of and have eLTC available for our residents 24/7. It’s especially helpful that eLTC can send scripts right to the pharmacy. They know what’s in our eKit so we can get medications right away – even controlled medications. I like the speed and interaction between eLTC and the pharmacy.

    With the mobile TV we don’t have to move our hurting or sick residents in order for them to see a provider, which greatly reduces their pain and anxiety. It’s also good for families who don’t have to rearrange their schedules to go to the ER or clinic. And it’s less scary for everyone. I would definitely recommend eLTC."

    Kathryn Larson, Nurse
    United Living Community, Brookings, S.D.

  • "We are huge advocates for eLTC. We believe our re-hospitalizations are lower because of their support. We also use the eLTC services as a marketing tool because families like the reassurance that there’s a provider available at any time of day."

    Rocky Nelson, Administrator
    Good Samaritan Society, Corsica, S.D.

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