Correctional Facilities

Avera eCorrectional Health provides fast, secure access to urgent care for inmates at correctional facilities. You’ll save taxpayer dollars, increase public safety and reduce unnecessary transfers through our telemedicine partnership. eCorrectional Health also streamlines your connection to specialists and helps you improve medical outcomes for inmate patients.

What Our Correctional Facility Clients Say 

  • "In 2013 the South Dakota Department of Health implemented eCorrectional Health in its Correctional Health Clinics with the goal of reducing the number of inmate transfers for emergency care. The 24/7 availability of their emergency physicians and nurses significantly expanded the ability of Correctional Health staff to provide care within the prison and avoid costly transfers to hospital emergency departments.

    Since implementing eCARE, Correctional Health nurses have been able to treat onsite approximately 50 percent of the patients presenting for an emergency situation. Because of the success of the system, the department has expanded eCARE to allow physician consultation appointments within the prison clinics via eConsult. Now follow-up appointments and specialty consultations are also taking place within the prison clinics, further reducing the need for transports outside the prison."

    Joan Adam, Director, Division of Administration
    South Dakota Department of Health

  • "We’re always looking for new and better ways to provide more care to inmates inside our correctional facilities. With eCARE’s technological capabilities it’s now much easier, safer and more secure and cost-effective to do that while still providing exceptional health care.

    With eEmergency our emergency diversion rate has decreased and we’ve saved dollars. If an inmate does need to go to the ER, it’s now a much more seamless transition because eEmergency arranges all of the transportation and alerts the ER.

    The quarterly reports help us budget and also tell the story of eCARE to our partners. We’ve also had a very positive reception from the South Dakota Department of Corrections.

    Our goal is to provide as much care as we can in-house via eEmergency and eConsult. When we call for an appointment, we always ask if we can do it virtually. I really appreciate our partnership with eCARE. It’s a win-win situation for us."

    Kayla Tinker, Correctional Health Administrator
    South Dakota Department of Health

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Avera eCARE selects partner organizations based on the interest and willingness of administrators and clinical professionals to expand their health care mission and support for patients through telehealth services.

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