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Avera eCARE leads the nation in delivering the broadest range of telemedicine services available from a single source. We’re part of Avera Health, an integrated health system and network of medical professionals who provide top-quality care at more than 300 locations across South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska. Our Avera eCARE telehealth services also reach Montana, Wyoming and Kansas.

National Leader in Telemedicine Services

As the largest telemedicine provider in the United States, Avera eCARE offers you the benefits of more than 20 years of experience in the field. Your facilities, staff and patients benefit from our consultative support and collaboration with the expert providers on our multidisciplinary teams, as well as convenient access to a wide range of medical services and specialties.

Innovation and Pilot Projects

The Avera eCARE Innovation Center helps ensure we find the best ideas for continually improving access and quality of health care for underserved populations. Our approach to innovation uses a well-established method to identify and develop potential telehealth offerings that compete as pilot projects in the marketplace.

Your Partner for Telehealth

We partner with health care systems, rural hospitals, outpatient clinics, long-term care and correctional facilities to reach medically underserved populations and help ensure all people, regardless of location, get health care where and when they need it.

When you choose Avera eCARE, you gain access to the broadest range of telemedicine services available from a single, experienced provider organization. Beginning with our Avera eCARE Specialty Clinic offering in 1993, we’ve expanded to include telehealth services for intensive care (ICU), emergency departments, pharmacy, long-term care and correctional facilities.

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Telemedicine Research

Explore telemedicine research and publications that cite our services or feature Avera eCARE authors and co-authors whose contributions enhance the professional literature in the field.

About Avera eCARE

From our centralized virtual hospital hub—known as the eHELM—our board-certified physicians, pharmacists, nurses and telemedicine staff work together 24/7 to provide around-the-clock connections to specialty care.

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