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Senior Care

Avera eCARE Senior Care

Avera eCARE® Senior Care Marks Continued Growth with On-Boarding of 100th Site

Avera eCARE® Senior Care based in Sioux Falls, S.D., has reached the milestone of serving 100 facilities with service recently added to the Oakwood Health Campus in Tell City, Ind.
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Count on Avera eCARE Senior Care to be a 24/7 extension of your local care team through innovative programs including:

Learn more about what it’s like to work with our Avera eCARE Senior Care team by watching our video and hearing what some of our Avera eCARE Senior Care residents and clients have to say.

Your Senior Care Challenge

In the United States, 15 percent of our population is made up of older adults. Yet only 0.025 percent of U.S. physicians are geriatricians whose care is associated with fewer emergency department visits, reducing the cost of care by 10 percent per year.

In addition, Medicare reports 48.2 percent of transfers to local emergency departments result in a hospitalization that could have been avoided through earlier intervention.

Specialized Care for Seniors

Provide improved access to health care services while enhancing the quality of care and quality of life for your residents and staff with Avera eCARE’s telemedicine services. Our programs offer a variety of tiered packages and à la carte services, including:

  • 24/7 access to a geriatric-trained team, including urgent care
  • Advance care planning consultations
  • Assistance with medication questions and other concerns
  • Avoidance of unnecessary transfers
  • Coordinated care with primary care physicians
  • Earlier treatment for acute conditions
  • On-site assessments and specialized care from a geriatrician
  • Oversight from a geriatric-trained physician who can take on the Medical Directorship role at your facility to ensure regulatory compliance beyond minimum standards
  • Staff empowerment and education

During the last 12 months we've:

  • Responded to 1,965+ encounters per month across 65+ facilities
  • Avoided transfers – 90 percent of urgent care encounters are able to be treated at the long-term care facility with Avera eCARE Senior Care
  • Provided education on wound care, head-to-toe assessments, advance care planning, pharmacy interventions and much more.

Experienced Geriatric-Trained Team

When you partner with Avera eCARE Senior Care, you’ll benefit from direct access to an experienced team, including:

  • Board-certified geriatricians
  • Certified nurse practitioners
  • Geriatric-trained pharmacists
  • Licensed social worker
  • Psychiatric nurse practitioner
  • Registered nurses with gerontological certifications

Strategic Partnership

When you partner with Avera eCARE Senior Care, your staff will be equipped with the support it needs to avoid unnecessary transfers and reduce hospital emergency department visits and readmissions, which promote healing and comfort for your residents.

In addition, you’ll be strategically aligned to achieve the goals of the national quality strategy: delivering better health care, spending health care dollars more wisely and experiencing better health outcomes.

Senior Living Program

Give your assisted living and residential care staff direct access to geriatric clinicians 24/7 through the Avera eCARE Senior Living Program.

Utilizing a mobile cart equipped with Wi-Fi and advanced technology, your staff can easily consult with our experienced team for support regarding:

  • Fall assessments
  • Medication review and consultations
  • Provider consultations
  • Resident changes in condition
  • Resident or family meetings
  • Team training
  • And more

Our dedicated geriatric team collaborates with your local leadership and staff to extend services offered within your community while helping you:

  • Reduce avoidable hospital transfers
  • Improve resident health and well-being
  • Increase occupancy
  • Provide access to physician consultations
  • Enhance current service offerings
  • Become the provider of choice

Geriatrics Services

Ensure that your residents receive the 24/7 expert care of a board-certified geriatrician they need, when they need it, with Avera eCARE Senior Care Geriatric services.

Our team works with long-term care leadership and staff, hospital discharge personnel, residents and their families, home health agencies and assisted living facilities to ensure that the highest standards of geriatric care are met.

Benefit from Our Geriatric Specialists

Our experienced geriatricians offer invaluable insight for the aging population. Their familiarity with the unique needs of patients in senior care settings equips them to provide a variety of specialized services on your behalf. Count on them to:

  • Accept all patients in need of an attending physician
  • Complete on-site regulatory visits
  • Manage multiple conditions and co-morbidities
  • Perform on-site assessments for patient admissions
  • Provide on-site history and physical assessment
  • Review resident’s BIMS, PHQ9, progress notes, MDS, ADL outcomes, and physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy evaluations

Your residents, your team and your bottom line will benefit from our geriatrics services. Many of our clients experience:

  • Assurance that advance care plans and wishes of family and resident are followed
  • Earlier treatment for acute conditions and improved health outcomes
  • Effective management of multiple conditions and medications
  • Reduced cost of care to patients and payors
  • Reduced emergency room visits

Long-Term Care Program

Allow your residents to stay in a familiar, home-like environment while receiving the health care services they need when you offer Avera eCARE Senior Care Long-Term Care Program at your facility.

24/7 Expert Care for Long-Term Care Facilities

Long-term care residents tend to be underserved when local providers aren’t able to respond to nursing home requests as quickly as needed to avoid an emergency room visit. The resulting transfers hinder their healing and well-being while greatly adding to the expense of care.

Instead of transferring your residents, call on our Long-Term Care team. Our team collaborates with your facility staff to accurately assess residents’ conditions from hundreds of miles away through Avera eCARE’s innovative telemedicine technology.

Premium and Comprehensive Services

In addition to 24/7 care for urgent or acute conditions, count on our team to:

  • Allow residents to receive high-quality care in their home setting
  • Boost patient well-being and family satisfaction
  • Empower long-term care staff by providing coaching, education and encouragement
  • Help ensure earlier treatment for acute conditions
  • Reduce costly and exhausting transports
  • Reduce unnecessary emergency room visits and hospitalizations
  • Provide access to a board-certified geriatrician and other geriatric specialists
  • Provide access to care that may otherwise be unavailable due to scheduling or weather

Medical Directorship Program

Free up time for local physicians while also ensuring requirements are met within your senior care facility when you partner with Avera eCARE Senior Care Medical Directorship Program.

Expert Geriatric Oversight

Through Avera eCARE’s advanced two-way video equipment, our geriatric-trained physician can seamlessly take on the Medical Directorship role at your facility. Increase productivity and efficiency among your staff, while our physician ensures that best practices and established protocols are being followed in order to meet regulatory compliance beyond minimum standards.

Comprehensive Medical Directorship Services

You’ll benefit from our experienced geriatrician’s ability to perform a wide variety of services on your behalf. Count on our physician to:

  • Attend Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) meetings
  • Be involved in the survey process and plan of correction
  • Collaborate with facility, staff and practitioners
  • Coordinate medical care
  • Establish and apply monitoring systems, effective documentation and follow-up of findings
  • Guide implementation of resident care policies
  • Improve physician compliance with regulations
  • Investigate quality issues to improve care
  • Provide clinical guidance and maintain current standards of practice
  • Provide education to providers

To learn more about our eCARE Senior Care programs, request a free consultation.

Senior Care Wound Care

Our new eCARE Senior Care Wound Care service now provides enhanced wound evaluations and wound care for urgent needs. A wound specialist will evaluate and identify types of wounds, make recommendations for quality wound care, and provide ongoing monitoring and education through virtual consultations.

We also provide the following additional services:

  • Perform a comprehensive assessment to determine the most appropriate and cost-effective use of wound management products
  • Ongoing care of non-healing wounds
  • Consultation for an acute wound without a current plan of care
  • Assessment of high-risk patients to provide measures needed to prevent pressure ulcers
  • Assistance in wound care rounds
  • Make appropriate referrals to podiatry, vascular surgery, plastic surgery, infectious disease and orthopedics

What Our Senior Care Clients Say

  • "We love the ease of access to providers that we have thanks to Avera eCARE Senior Care. Even though the hospital is connected to our long-term care center, it’s still disruptive and sometimes taxing for residents to be transported. Plus, using eCARE Senior Care helps avoid exposing an already at-risk resident to possibly more infections"

    Brenda Engbrecht MDS, Nurse Coordinator
    Avera Maryhouse, Pierre, SD

  • "When I had pneumonia, the staff was able to wheel the equipment right into my room so I could see the provider. I can see how eCARE Senior Care impacts our quality of care because of how quickly we can see a specialist and get the medications we need."

    Allen Herrick Resident
    United Living Community, Brookings, SD

  • "I am excited to be a part of and have Avera eCARE Senior Care available for our residents 24/7. It’s especially helpful that eCARE Senior Care can send scripts right to the pharmacy. They know what’s in our eKit so we can get medications right away – even controlled medications. I like the speed and interaction between eCARE Senior Care and the pharmacy.

    With the mobile TV we don’t have to move our hurting or sick residents in order for them to see a provider, which greatly reduces their pain and anxiety. It’s also good for families who don’t have to rearrange their schedules to go to the ER or clinic. And it’s less scary for everyone. I would definitely recommend eCARE Senior Care."

    Kathryn Larson Nurse
    United Living Community, Brookings, SD

  • "We are huge advocates for Avera eCARE Senior Care. We believe our re-hospitalizations are lower because of their support. We also use the eCARE Senior Care services as a marketing tool because families like the reassurance that there’s a provider available at any time of day."

    Rocky Nelson, Administrator
    Good Samaritan Society, Corsica, SD

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