Avera eCARE™ ePharmacy is one of the first service offerings of Avera eCARE™ - a virtual hospital and the nation’s most comprehensive provider of telehealth services. Benefit from our experience when you partner with ePharmacy for your facility’s pharmaceutical needs 24/7/365.

Prioritize Patient Safety

Hospital pharmacists play a vital role in medication safety and the prevention of adverse drug events. They ensure prescribed medications are appropriate for the particular patient, check for allergic and drug reactions and verify medication dosage.

Regulatory agencies recognize the need for 24-hour pharmacist review of medication; however, many hospitals cannot provide on-site, real-time review 24/7/365.

24/7 Access to Hospital-Trained Pharmacists

Ensure medication safety for your patients by partnering with ePharmacy. You’ll gain access to experienced hospital pharmacists who review all medication orders prior to administration. You can count on the expertise of our pharmacists who undergo clinical and electronic medical record (EMR) competency assessments annually.

Our ePharmacy team works within a centralized telemedicine facility. This means they also have the opportunity for instant, face-to-face collaboration with board-certified physicians, advanced care providers, experienced critical care nurses and pharmacist colleagues when additional insight is needed.

ePharmacy By The Numbers

Since ePharmacy launched in 2008, we’ve provided remote, around-the-clock pharmacy coverage for patients across 72 sites. During the last 12 months, we’ve experienced:

  • 32,561 interventions
  • 7,542 avoided adverse drug events
  • 17 minute average turnaround time

Benefit from ePharmacy

When you partner with ePharmacy, you’ll have around-the-clock support to achieve:

  • Patient safety through timely medication reviews, verifications, reconciliations, pharmacist–directed interventions and monitoring to reduce the risk of adverse drug events.
  • Reduction of post-discharge adverse drug events and readmissions with pharmacist discharge consultations. Connect with our pharmacists to provide individual patient education on medications prior to discharge.
  • Continuity of care by following your facility’s medication use protocols, regardless of the time of day or day of the week. Your clinical staff always has an on-duty ePharmacy pharmacist to consult if questions arise.
  • Improved staff confidence and satisfaction through 24-hour access to pharmacists for consultations and questions. For example, your nurses can focus on nursing when they don’t need to fill the role of an overnight pharmacist.
  • Increased flexibility for on-site pharmacists to actively engage in direct patient care while medication orders are handled remotely. Vacation days, leaves of absence, and staff shortages can be covered with minimal disruption to your team.

Strategic Partnerships

As a health care system, we understand what’s happening in the worlds of health care and pharmacy. When you become an ePharmacy partner, we share evidence-based knowledge and best practices to support your efforts to continually improve quality and reduce costs.

As an extension of your care team, we also collaborate with your current pharmacy and/or professional staff to assist with complex situations and ensure that your patients receive the most effective medications.

ePharmacy services are ideal for critical access hospitals, community and regional hospitals, and health systems. Learn how your type of facility benefits.

Critical Access Hospitals

  • Extend your talent pool and expertise by adding remote services to your team
  • Improve staff satisfaction with coverage for vacations, absences, leave of absence, etc.
  • Increase quality scores, patient satisfaction and patient safety through improved patient education and reduced adverse drug events
  • Support your antimicrobial stewardship plan
  • Leverage video services to enable supervision of technician/nursing medication preparation and packaging
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Minimize the challenges of recruiting

Community & Regional Hospitals

  • Extend your talent pool and expertise by adding remote services to your team
  • Facilitate redeployment of pharmacists to fulfill clinical initiatives and improve efficiencies
  • Improve staff satisfaction with coverage for vacations, absences, leave of absence, etc.
  • Increase quality scores, patient satisfaction and patient safety through reduced adverse drug events
  • Support your antimicrobial stewardship plan
  • Leverage video services to enable technician/nursing supervision of medication preparation and packaging
  • Meet regulatory requirements without the otherwise significant budget implications
  • Minimize the challenges of recruiting
  • Enhance patient flow by having pharmacist discharge education available on weekends and evenings
  • Supplement your staff for peak volume coverage, projects, implementation of new systems, etc.

Hospital Systems

  • Improve continuity of care across your network
  • Increase scalability
  • Leverage our significant investment in technology infrastructure and talent to serve the hospitals in your footprint
  • Take advantage of our 20+ years of experience in telemedicine
  • Reduce the cost of offering world-class health services

How ePharmacy Works

  1. Our ePharmacy team works with your staff to learn your medication-related processes and integrate our services into your workflow.
  2. We implement and integrate the necessary software and hardware into your systems to allow us to receive and prioritize real-time orders. We work right in your electronic medical record as a seamless part of your care team.
  3. All new medication orders are placed in the queue at our centralized virtual hospital hub where licensed and experienced hospital pharmacists receive and review medication orders 24/7/365.
  4. We provide your prescriber or nursing staff with recommendations on preparation, administration and safe use. We carefully watch for drug interactions, allergies, and duplicate orders to ensure patients get the precise medication they need.
  5. In the absence of a full-time on-site pharmacist, your facility receives ongoing pharmacist monitoring of medication therapy during the patient’s stay.
  6. We are available any time – even in the middle of the night – to consult with your staff on medication-related issues or concerns.

Get Started

When you take advantage of ePharmacy services – the most cost-effective way to maintain your commitment to patient safety – we’ll work with your team to implement a set of proven practices and set your facility up for long-term success.

  • Implementation: On-site assessments help us collaboratively develop a step-by-step project plan and roll-out strategy.
  • Training: On-site visits provide ePharmacy access and workflow sessions for nurses, physicians, advanced practice providers and staff.
  • Go-Live and Launch: Working through pharmacy, nursing, physician and provider processes.
  • Post-Launch: An identified individual will serve as your resource for answering questions and addressing concerns. In addition, you’ll receive monthly reporting of quality and process data and recommendations to continually improve medication-related processes.


Mobridge Regional Hospital Testimonial

“As the only pharmacist on staff, the pharmacy is under my watch 24/7, which added a lot of stress to my life when I wasn’t at the hospital. ePharmacy services took that heavy weight off my shoulders. I feel more at ease knowing that when I’m gone or on vacation, another pharmacist is verifying orders in a timely manner. They’re also a great resource. Calling them is an easy way to talk to another pharmacist about a particular situation. They’re easy to get ahold of and always open to my questions. I love it and would highly recommend it!”
Diane Dady
Pharmacist at Mobridge Regional Hospital in Mobridge, S.D.
S.D. Board of Pharmacy Member

Avera Sacred Heart Hospital Testimonial

“With the assistance of ePharmacy, our critical access hospitals now have a pharmacist that will help them 24/7. Renal dosing, drug interaction checking, allergy checking, therapies, drug/drug interactions and incompatibility checking and verification of medication profiles are all done in real-time with no waiting. This has vastly improved care across our entire region. If a patient is transferred to a different site or region there’s also a continuity of care that is not provided anywhere else.

“I cannot think of a higher quality professional group that provides the vast services that they do. Their accurate, fast, professional, high quality services are not matched by any other group of professionals!”
Steve Weinandt, RPh
Avera Sacred Heart Hospital


ePharmacy Infographic