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eLTC Infographic

eLongTermCare Infographic

Providing effective health services to residents in long-term care facilities requires sensitivity to their unique needs. To support optimal healing and wellness for members of this vulnerable and often underserved population, the best approaches focus on proactive medical care to avoid unnecessary transfers, hospitalizations and readmissions.

eLongTermCare (eLTC) provides urgent care and specialty virtual visits for residents at long-term care facilities. In addition, we provide training and education to staff, easy access to care for residents and assist with the management of care transitions.

During the last 12 months we’ve:

  • Responded to 280+ encounters per month across 30+ facilities

  • Avoided transfers - 90% of urgent care encounters are able to be treated at the long-term care facility with eLTC

  • Provided education on wound care, head-to-toe assessments, INTERACT, advance care planning, pharmacy interventions and much more.

How do you support the health and well-being of the residents in your facility?

Your Long-Term Care Challenge

15% of the U.S. population is made up of older adults. Yet only 0.025% of U.S physicians are geriatricians—doctors who specialize in health care for the elderly.

Geriatrician-supported care is associated with fewer emergency department visits, reducing the cost of care by 10 percent per year. Medicare reports 48.2 percent of transfers to local emergency departments result in a hospitalization that could have been avoided through earlier intervention.

Partner with eLTC to provide access to urgent care and medical specialty services through interactive video technology located at your long-term care facility. In addition, we provide your residents with easy access to care, assistance with care transitions, and staff empowerment.

How eLTC Works

  1. Our eLTC team integrates high definition telemedicine equipment into your long-term care facility. We gain access to your electronic medical records to view patient history and information, as needed.

  2. Our collaborative process begins with an eLTC interdisciplinary review of each admission. All recommendations and orders are then shared with both the long term care facility staff and the patient’s primary care physician. If necessary, a video consult is arranged.

  3. During a video consult, bedside staff may use diagnostic medical equipment such as a stethoscope or handicam that transmits to an eLTC specialist.

  4. In addition to a comprehensive medication review by our specialized pharmacist, other specialists, such as behavioral health providers, social workers and geriatricians are available for consults.

  5. Our staff is also available for consults on a routine or as-needed basis for more urgent concerns.

Collaborate for Personalized Care

We collaborate with your team to provide:

  • Urgent care visits to respond rapidly and help avoid emergency room admissions when possible 
  • eConsult services for scheduled specialty care 
  • Admission coordination and transitional care
  • Education and tools to help your staff look for early symptoms, build assessment skills, recognize issues and provide proactive care for your residents
  • Assistance with the management of care transitions including admission chart reviews and discharge follow up

We recognize eLTC may not be appropriate in all instances. When we receive a request for an appointment, we review the details of the situation and determine if there is something we can do to intervene in the care of the resident or assist in transferring the patient to an emergency room. 

Benefit from eLTC

As an eLTC partner, your facility benefits from 24/7/365 access to a skilled group of geriatric-trained clinicians and support staff.

family and patient satisfactionImprove quality of care at your facility and help increase or maintain Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) five-star ratings.

reduce readmissionsReduce avoidable hospital emergency department visits and readmissions.

access to teamHave 24/7 access to an expert team of health professionals, including:

  • A full-time, board-certified geriatrician serving as medical director
  • A full-time, geriatric-certified pharmacist
  • Advanced practice providers
  • Registered nurse (RN) coordinators

medication accuracyHave 24/7 access to a team that is readily available to answer any medication questions, reconcile medication, review medications upon admission, assist with change of condition questions and participate in disciplinary team meetings. 

reduce unnecessary visitsReceive support for value-based purchasing by reducing hospitalizations, readmissions and emergency department visits that also help your facility retain revenue.

reports and metricsReceive monitoring on the effectiveness of interventions and patient outcomes. 

Receive assistance with improving operational metrics including nursing home compare scores.

Get Started

We’ll work with your team to implement a set of proven practices and set your facility up for long term success:

  • Pre-Launch: Develop a relationship with facility staff and collaborate to create a step-by-step rollout strategy.
  • During Launch: Assist with assessment, implementation and training of each site.
  • Post-Launch: Supply monthly reporting, ongoing education and recommendations to continually improve processes and delivery of care. The strength of our standardized processes and relationships will ensure success for your facility in improving resident outcomes.

What Our eLongTermCare Residents and Clients Say

  • "We love the ease of access to providers that we have thanks to eLTC. Even though the hospital is connected to our long-term care center, it’s still disruptive and sometimes taxing for residents to be transported. Plus, using eLTC helps avoid exposing an already at-risk resident to possibly more infections"

    Brenda Engbrecht MDS, Nurse Coordinator
    Avera Maryhouse, Pierre, S.D.

  • "When I had pneumonia, the staff was able to wheel the equipment right into my room so I could see the provider. I can see how eLTC impacts our quality of care because of how quickly we can see a specialist and get the medications we need."

    Allen Herrick Resident
    United Living Community, Brookings, S.D.

  • "I am excited to be a part of and have eLTC available for our residents 24/7. It’s especially helpful that eLTC can send scripts right to the pharmacy. They know what’s in our eKit so we can get medications right away – even controlled medications. I like the speed and interaction between eLTC and the pharmacy.

    With the mobile TV we don’t have to move our hurting or sick residents in order for them to see a provider, which greatly reduces their pain and anxiety. It’s also good for families who don’t have to rearrange their schedules to go to the ER or clinic. And it’s less scary for everyone. I would definitely recommend eLTC."

    Kathryn Larson Nurse
    United Living Community, Brookings, S.D.

  • "We are huge advocates for eLTC. We believe our re-hospitalizations are lower because of their support. We also use the eLTC services as a marketing tool because families like the reassurance that there’s a provider available at any time of day."

    Rocky Nelson, Administrator
    Good Samaritan Society, Corsica, S.D.

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JAMDA Pilot Study

Implementation of Telemedicine Consultation to Assess Unplanned Transfers in Rural Long-Term Care Facilities, 2012–2015: A Pilot Study

Over 3 years, 736 eLTC consultations occurred in pilot sites. Overall, approximately 31% of cases were transferred. This decreased from 54% of cases in 2013 to 17% in 2015.

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