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Across the United States, hospital intensive care units (ICUs) admit more than 5 million people each year. Research suggests that ICUs staffed 24/7/365 by intensivists—board-certified specialists trained in the management of critically ill patients— experience reductions in hospital mortality of 30 to 40 percent as compared to non-intensivist, open ICUs.

Avera eICU® CARE™ provides 24/7/365 virtual access to intensivists and continuous monitoring of ICU patients.

During the last 12 months, we’ve experienced:

  • 273 lives saved
  • $11.2 million in costs saved
  • 7,000 less days on the ICU through faster response times to complications 

Who provides ICU services at your hospital?

Your Intensive Care Challenge

14% of the country’s 6,000 ICUs offer some intensivist-led care; however, most of them can’t provide intensivist coverage 24/7/365. The United States also faces a serious shortage of intensivists—one that is projected to grow over the next decade.

Cover Your ICU 24/7/365

Make sure your hospital offers the ICU services your community expects and deserves by collaborating with eICU CARE to provide:

  • 24/7/365 immediate access to board-certified intensivists and medical professionals
  • Continuous monitoring of patients
  • Predictive analytics for proactive medicine
  • Early intervention with physiological and lab changes 
  • Rigorous adherence to evidence-based medicine
  • Post-consult analysis for continuous quality improvement

The result? Better outcomes for patients, improved ICU throughput and better support for your staff.

How eICU CARE Works

While eICU CARE doesn’t replace bedside resources, it does surround your ICU with continuous, supportive supplementary care and complements your team approach. Our eICU CARE intensivists are credentialed and privileged at your facility, which allows them to provide orders and care for patients as needed. We’re also much more than a consult; our sophisticated predictive analytics continually monitor patients and allow the care team to respond faster to critical changes in health status.

  1. Our eICU CARE team implements monitoring software and hardware into your ICU rooms. 
  2. Once patients are admitted to the ICU, they receive around-the-clock monitoring from eICU CARE’s board-certified intensivists and seasoned critical care nurses. eICU CARE clinicians remotely view real-time patient information such as cardiac monitors, lab results, medications, and care notes via electronic medical record interfaces and technology integration. 
  3. Our eICU CARE team performs rounds on every patient, ensuring adherence with evidence-based care bundles like sepsis, ventilator weaning protocols, DVT prophylaxis, and stress ulcer prophylaxis.
  4. Our eICU CARE team collaborates with your ICU team to assess patients and communicate interactively through high-definition video linked to Avera’s eICU hub.
  5. For additional support, advanced video technology allows eICU CARE clinicians to see close-up views of patient indicators like pupil size, skin color and settings on patient-support devices.
  6. Any change in the patient’s status notifies the eICU CARE team and prompts them to review and respond to the patient’s new status. 
  7. The eICU CARE team will then alert bedside staff of any potential change that may require medical intervention to avoid any adverse health problems. 

Benefit from eICU CARE

eICU CARE provides ongoing monitoring, on-demand consultation, ongoing supervision and immediate intervention for critically ill patients in your hospital no matter the time of day or staffing scenario. We can help you:

monitorReduce rates of complications and mortality

hourglassReduce ICU and hospital length of stay (LOS)

doctor iconSupport providers and reduce burnout, which increases staff retention and improves recruitment

Get Started

eICU CARE is rooted in the non-profit, mission-based Avera Health system and was developed by our seasoned ICU clinicians who understand the operations and challenges of consistently delivering high quality care in the ICU.

Custom Solution

handWith over a decade of experience and dozens of hospital installations, we know that each ICU is unique. When you partner with eICU CARE, we collaborate with you to develop a custom solution that works for our joint ICU/eICU teams.

We’ll work with your team to implement a set of proven practices and set your facility up for long-term success:


  • Understand your goals, team and culture.
  • Develop a priority map and step-by-step rollout strategy that supports successful installation and change management. 

During Launch:

  • Assist with assessment, frontline communication, IT integration, implementation and training at each clinical site. 
  • Work together to develop workflows, protocols and quality improvement projects to support successful adoption.


  • Supply monthly reporting, ongoing education and process improvement to build network capacity.

The strength of our standardized processes and relationships will ensure success for your facility in growing its network.

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