The challenges of access to medical care can present a barrier to good health whether people live in urban or rural areas. That’s especially true for health systems that cover hundreds or thousands of square miles including sparsely populated rural regions. With health care specialists and subspecialists often concentrated in urban centers, rural providers and residents face challenges with timely access to adequate care where they live.

Since eConsult launched in 1993, we’ve grown to offer approximately 35 medical specialties—including infectious disease, pulmonology, cardiology, nephrology and others—and we work with more than 100 participating providers.

During the last 12 months, we’ve experienced:

  • 10,300 total visits
  • 39,000 patient hours saved
  • 2.5 million miles saved
  • $1 million in total estimated cost savings

How do you support the health and well-being of all of the communities you serve?

Your Health Care Delivery Challenge

Twenty percent of those living in rural or remote regions say they would not seek medical care if it meant:

  • a long drive
  • time away from work
  • expense of travel 
  • out-of-town lodging

For health care providers, drive time needed to reach outlying clinics could be better spent caring for more patients close to home.

Partner with eConsult and gain access to scheduled medical specialty care through interactive video technology located at your facility. Better access means better care for the patients you serve.

How eConsult Works

  1. Providers refer a patient to a specialist, easily scheduled with eConsult just like a typical office visit.
  2. At your local clinic or hospital, patients enter an exam room equipped with a camera and monitor. Under the care of your onsite physician, advanced practice provider or nurse, eConsult virtual visits directly connect you with the off-site specialty provider.
  3. Bedside staff may also use diagnostic medical equipment such as a stethoscope or otoscope that transmits to an eConsult specialist. In addition, the “exam cam” provides high definition views to the consulting physician.
  4. Services are billed using the same office visit codes in traditional practice for seamless health care delivery.

Collaborate for Personalized Care

We provide the infrastructure that allows specialty providers to embed telemedicine into their medical practice in order to effectively respond to requests for virtual consultations. We then help specialty providers and local clinicians collaborate during the examination visit.

We recognize that eConsult may not be appropriate in all instances. When a specialty clinic receives a request for an appointment, it reviews the details of the situation and decides whether to use eConsult or to see the patient in person.

Benefit from eConsult

As an eConsult clinical site, your facility benefits from enhanced access to a skilled group of doctors, advanced practice providers, nurses and other clinicians, all available to assist your staff in delivering better care for your rural communities.

care near your homeHelp local residents receive care close to home, reducing personal expenses while helping them manage health concerns on a timely basis to avoid complications or more serious issues. In our surveys, 98 percent of patient respondents report high satisfaction with their eConsult visits.

reduce costRetain ancillary charges and other health care revenue in your facility, rather than sending the patient to a specialty clinic. Many payors also reimburse a telehealth Originating Site fee.

For specialty clinics or health systems interested in larger partnership opportunities, eConsult provides:

telemedicine consultationTelemedicine consultation support to build and improve your outpatient services.

time savingsOpportunities to realize significant time savings which augment revenue by serving more patients.

reimbursementReimbursement. In most cases, Medicare and other payors reimburse for rural telehealth services at the same level as in-person services.

toolsStrategy, tools, reporting and best practices for successful network expansion.

Get Started

We’ll work with your team to implement a set of proven practices and set your facility up for long-term success:

  • Pre-Launch: We develop a priority map and step-by-step rollout strategy.
  • During Launch: We assist with assessment, implementation, training and eConsult site certification of each clinical site.
  • Post-Launch: We supply monthly reporting, ongoing education and process improvement to build network capacity. The strength of our standardized processes and relationships will ensure success for your facility in growing its network.

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