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Look to Avera eCARE™ eBehavioral Health to provide your emergency room with expert behavioral health assessments 24//7.

Through a secure connection via eCARE’s advanced telemedicine technology, your staff will find the support they need to provide patients with accurate behavioral health evaluations and next level of care recommendations based on best practices.

You’ll be equipped to meet both the physical and mental needs of your patients while reducing their length of stay in the emergency room and providing them with the highest quality of care.

Your Behavioral Health Care Challenge

Each day your emergency room physicians and nurses are tasked with the challenge of caring for patients with life- or limb-threatening conditions. What many don’t realize is that patients with behavioral health conditions have every bit the risk of some of the sickest medical patients.

And the prevalence of mental health conditions may also be greater than we realize. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reports that mental health and substance abuse cases accounted for one in eight emergency room visits in the United States in 2010. More recently, the number of ER patients with an undiagnosed mental illness has been estimated to be as high as 45 percent.

ER physicians and nurses are highly trained for medical emergencies. However, most have little training related to behavioral emergencies.

Benefit from Behavioral Telehealth Assessments in Your ER

Feel confident knowing that your ER patients will receive compassionate and clinically appropriate mental health care when you partner with eBehavioral Health.

Our team uses evidence-based tools to assess whether or not a patient needs to be admitted to inpatient care, placed on a mental health hold or discharged to home with referrals for follow-up outpatient care. You’ll ensure that each patient is in the safest, best care environment possible.

You’ll also:

  • Boost confidence, ease anxiety and reduce burnout among your emergency room staff
  • Improve behavioral health evaluations and recommendations with our evidence-based tools and specially trained nurses
  • Reduce the length of stay in the emergency room by appropriately and quickly identifying the next level of care
  • Reduce readmissions by connecting patients with the behavioral health services and resources they need

How eBehavioral Health Works

Assessing a patient’s behavioral health needs can be complicated. That’s why we collaborate with your team to determine the appropriate level of care and the best next steps based on each individual circumstance.

Comprehensive Crisis Assessment

When you call on eBehavioral Health, your patient receives a private, 30-minute comprehensive crisis assessment via video from one of eBehavioral Health’s registered nurses, specially trained in how to conduct behavioral health assessments.

This video is HIPAA compliant for confidentiality and provides a virtual experience similar to a face-to-face interaction through our reliable, high-definition technology network.

During the assessment, information is collected from the patient, and the patient’s loved ones and primary care team, when possible.

At completion of the interview, we connect with your ER physician or on-call psychiatrist to provide clinical findings so that the physician can make a determination. Our evidence-based assessment provides your emergency room staff with the behavioral health expertise and insight needed to make important care decisions.

Coordinated Care

eBehavioral Health can also help coordinate the next level of care, as needed. This may include:

  • Identifying behavioral health services and providers near the patient’s home community
  • Finding access to inpatient beds or outpatient behavioral health services
  • Providing referrals
  • Scheduling follow-up behavioral health appointments

If the patient gives permission by signing a release, we can also send a copy of the assessment to the patient’s primary care team.

Strategic Partnership

When you partner with eBehavioral Health, you’ll benefit from working with a trusted telemedicine provider. In fact, our team has been providing eEmergency behavioral health assessments since 2009 – averaging 7,000 assessments annually.

In addition, our direct connection to Avera Behavioral Health Center in Sioux Falls, SD, gives us the advantage of understanding the dynamics of both a behavioral health facility and behavioral health care via telemedicine.

To discover more about how eCARE supports your staff in delivering the quality health care your patients expect, download our Delivering Health Care of the Future Today white paper. You can also request a free consultation with one of our eBehavioral Health experts.

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