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Telehealth Certificate Program

Telehealth Certificate Program – Coming Soon

Ready to teach your health care providers the skills of telemedicine and virtual visit care? Avera eCARE® has received a $4.3 million grant from The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust to develop and launch a national telehealth certificate program, coming soon. The Telehealth Certificate Program aims to:

  • Standardize and elevate the quality of care provided through telehealth platforms
  • Provide and educate physicians, advanced practice providers, medical residents and administrators in telehealth as a delivery model for health care with the ability to earn a certificate — along with an option to earn a specialty certificate for telebehavioral health
  • Demonstrate that providers have completed training on how to provide professional and quality care via telehealth platforms

Health care technology has advanced with many digitally connected options for treating patients. There are also a wide range of programs in the United States that are labeled as “telehealth.” Yet, care standards have not existed to ensure that all telehealth service offerings are high-quality programs for patients across the nation.

Avera eCARE Telehealth Certificate Program will offer consistent criteria and performance testing for provider standards and care delivery methods.

How Will the Certificate Program Work?

Medical faculty from leading academic institutions partner with Avera to develop the educational curriculum. Once launched, the national certificate program will be housed under an independent accrediting body overseen by a board of telehealth experts.

Next steps include establishing a governing board for the creation of the telehealth certificate program, convening a national expert panel to validate the curriculum objectives, as well as the development of a 5,000-square-foot telehealth education center at the Avera eCARE campus in Sioux Falls, SD to teach providers across the nation.

When Can I Enroll in the Certificate Program?

It’s coming soon. After the educational curriculum, accrediting body, governing board and education center have been established by Avera eCARE, we will begin offering our Telehealth Certificate Program with select health system providers from across the nation.

Would you like to learn more?

Our goal is to weave telemedicine into the fabric of health care delivery across the country as a vital tool in promoting access to quality care no matter where the facility is located. Download our informational flyer to learn more about our CORE (Clinical, Operational, Regulatory, Ethics) curriculum.

To sign up for information on when you can enroll your providers for certification, contact us or call us at 888-452-6123 for more information.

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Health Care of the Future

Virtual health care is health care of the future. Educating health care professionals, including medical residents before they even begin practicing, will help us inform and educate this important audience about the possibilities of telemedicine and set them up for successful adoption of technology. Providing an educational foundation and validated certificate in telehealth helps the field advance and ensures quality of care in this evolving space.

Deanna Larson